Data Backup and Migration

Data backup is needed if you intend to transfer books to a new device, new folder, or SD card

Export (Backup)

Tap Export to save all application settings to a .zip file. Choose the folder to save your .zip file to and rename the file, if you wish.

Thus you will save:


Tap Import and find the .zip file with your backup data. Tap on the file and then tap SELECT


Migration will only replace the file paths in the App’s config-files.

The full path is stored in Settings. For example, if the path to your book (example.pdf) is as follows:


and you want to move it to the MyBooks folder, you need to change the location in the App’s configuration file to:


Run Migrate, and replace:

Old path: /Books/
New path: /MyBooks/


If you’re moving your book to an external SD Card, you can do it easily by replacing the destination:

Migrate: /storage/AAAA-AAAA/Books to /storage/BBBB-BBBB/Books:

Old path: /storage/AAAA-AAAA/
New path: /storage/BBBB-BBBB/

Reminder: Don’t forget to do Export first to have a backup.

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