Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Library

Librera allows you to adjust the way your books are displayed on the “shelves” of your Library. You can change the number of books on a shelf, their appearance, shelf size, book grouping and listing, etc.

Your books are shown in the Library tab, where you can make adjustments to the book presentation. Additional settings affecting your Library view are located in the slide-out Preferences tab, the Book Covers panel.

If you have the Preferences box checked (no animation), you will find the Preferences tab alongside the Library tab on top.


Remember, another layout is just two taps away. You can switch to the most convenient one at any time.


The Book Covers Panel


You will have more options for “grid.”

Note: You can always revert to your initial settings by tapping Restore default and confirming the operation with OK.

If you choose displaying the covers of your books, use other options in the Book Covers panel to pretty up the view.