Setting Up Fingerprint or Password Protection

In Librera, you can protect your most sensitive documents from being viewed by unauthorized users who may accidentally or otherwise acquire access to your device. As a matter of fact, you will protect ALL your documents since you are restricting access to the app itself. The documents can be either fingerprint- or password-protected.

Enabling Startup Authorization


Fingerprint Protection

To activate fingerprint protection in Librera, you need to set up fingerprint access to your device first.

  • In the Set Password window, check the Allow fingerprint authantication box
  • Confirm your choice by tapping OK

You need to restart Librera to activate fingerprint access authentication.


Password Protection

Setting up password login:

You need to restart Librera for password protection to take effect. From this moment forward, you will be prompted for password on an empty screen when opening a document in Librera.


To remove password/fingerprint protection, run Librera, authenticate yourself to the application, go to Prompt for password box and uncheck it.