Data backup and migration

Data backup need if you need to transfer books to new device or to new folder or new sd card

Export (backup)

Press export button to save all application settings in .zip file

Export saves:


Press import to restore backup from .zip file Start the migration if necessary


Migration do only replaces file paths in app config files.

Full book path is stored in settings, for example if your books were placed in folder


and then you move book to the folder MyBooks

You need to set new books location in app configuration


You should run “Migration” and replace:

Old path: /Books/
New path: /MyBooks/

If you place books on external SD Card it’s easy to fix paths for new place Migration: /storage/AAAA-AAAA/Books to /storage/BBBB-BBBB/Books

old path: /storage/AAAA-AAAA/ new path: /storage/BBBB-BBBB/

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