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New Features and Improvements

Syncing via Google Drive

Syncing is intended to be used on multiple Android devices connected to Google Drive. While reading a book, you will be able to pick up on your tablet at night right where you’ve left off on your phone during the day. Syncing is supported by all apps of the Librera family. And it’s FREE.

You can sync the following parameters:

Examples of Syncing



Using profiles is like having multiple instances of Librera installed on your device, each with its separate settings, booklists, reading progresses, and bookmarks. You are allowed to create new profiles and delete old ones. All apps of the Librera family have this feature.

Profiles are stored in the device’s internal memory at /sdcard/Librera/profile.[NAME]. Their settings, bookmarks, reading progresses are stored in JSON files, which may be viewed w/ any JSON-viewer (refrain from modifying them, though!).

A long press on a profile name will pop up an alert window for you to restore its default (initial) settings (your bookmarks and reading progresses will remain intact).


TTS Replacements and Dictionaries


Additional Settings in Musician’s Mode


Additional Functions and Improvements to UI