Configuring Fonts and Styles

Librera allows you to customize the look and feel of the document you’re reading—choose the fonts to your liking and adjust their size, adjust CSS styles, and change first letters into leading initials (FB2).

You will do all of the above in the main tab of the Preference window and, obviously, in the Reading Settings tab.

Tap the Settings icon to open the Preferences window.


Font Adjustments

You can add your favorite fonts to the list:

  1. Create a folder named Fonts in your device’s internal storage. Note: There is another Fonts folder in your internal storage already created by Librera automatically.
  2. Save your favorite fonts to your Fonts folder (or Librera’s own Fonts folder). (You can also download some nice fonts from our site. See the Reading Settings section for instructions.) Remember that your fonts will be honored only if the Styles you’ve selected in the Reading Settings tab have User-defined in them.

To set up user-specific fonts for different font-styles, tap the icon next to the Fonts link to open the Configure Fonts window.


Leading Initials in FB2 Books

You can make each and every chapter in your book start with a nice-looking initial.

This setting won’t show while reading in any other format.


The Reading Settings Tab

These are User-defined settings. They mainly override the style settings encoded in your book’s .css file. You need to choose User-defined styles to make it work.


Choose Styles for your book wisely

The Custom CSS Code Window

This window opens on tapping on the icon next to Styles

Those familiar with CSS coding can make some ad-hoc customization to the way your book is displayed. (See more under FAQ’s Customize Book CSS Styles).

Don’t forget to remove the code once you’re done with the book! It might not work in the next one.