What is new


[8.3.97] enable disable context menu integration (text selection)


[8.3.94] Bind a GitBook


[8.3.90] Accessibility optimization

[8.3.84] OPDS download folder format “[Author name]/Book name”

[8.3.80] Text selection: hyphenated last word on page will be selected as complete

[8.3.78] Default hyphen language for all books

[8.3.77] Mirror image for telepromter


[8.3.70] Show book description


[8.3.58] books-in-folder count

[8.3.49] “Open with” default open book action


[8.3.41] Tabs “Icons only”


[8.2.37] New file, New Folder, Go to the folder options

[8.2.36] “Go to folder” edit path (long click)

[8.2.22] Reference Mode like In Calibre View


[8.2.21] Basic support of .md Markdown files

[8.2.20] Send page as text/image from the Go to Page dialog.

[8.2.19] Specify book formats for reading modes (reading-mode presets)