Using Dictionaries and Translators

When you read a book, especially in a foreign language, you may need to look up the meaning of a word you don’t know in a dictionary. With Librera, you can do it easily, in a single click, on- and offline.

Librera allows you to look up a single word or translate entire passages using online translators (dictionaries).

There are plenty of ONLINE dictionaries and translators on the Internet. They allow you to check the meaning of a word without installing anything on your device.

Librera will open a browser window for you with the selected word in the search field of the chosen dictionary.

You can choose from the following (to name just a few):

OFFLINE dictionaries and translators need to be installed on your device from Google Play (or elsewhere). They will pop up a window with the translation or definition of a selected word, and don’t rely on the Internet to work.

  1. A list of most popular free dictionaries and translators on Google play is as follows:
    • Google Translate
    • Microsoft Translator
    • Multitran Russian Dictionary
    • Oxford Dictionary
    • Yandex.Translate, etc.
  2. You can also install a dictionary-shell, which will handle dictionaries made by third-party compilers, as, for instance:
    • GoldenDict
    • Fora Dictionary, etc.

If you have not found in Librera the online resource you’re looking for, please send your request to the developers at librera.reader@gmail.com or raise an issue on github.

One-Click Dictionary Lookup To enable immediate dictionary lookup of a selected word, you need to:

Setting Up a Default Dictionary You can also configure your default dictionary (the one whose window will pop up upon a word selection):


Leaving the Selection Box Unchecked If you leave the Open selection box unchecked, you will be presented with the Text window upon selecting a word or word sequence. Here you will be able to:


A quick reminder: Don’t forget to choose your default dictionary BEFORE checking the Open selection in dictionary box.