Annotating and Drawing in PDF Files

Librera supports basic annotation and drawing markup tools in PDF. These tools work only in SCROLL Mode

To make a PDF document suitable for drawing and/or annotating, the user should switch to Scroll Mode.
This will reveal the Edit icon on the bottom menu.

PDF Files without a Text Layer


PDF Files with a Text Layer

In addition to the above markings:


Marking Up with Preset Tools

The + allows the user to add to the list of tools just one of the three in the currently chosen color.
This creates a tool preset with which you can promptly indicate the words and word sequences related to each other or deserving your special attention (like the name Girault in the example below)


Saving Edited Files

||| |-|-| |||

Note: The Eraser in the Annotations and Drawings palette can be used to nuke drawings left by other applications. You can invoke the palette by:

  • Tapping a marking
  • Tapping the Edit icon on the bottom menu

Tap Eraser (the Waste Bin), and then tap on the markings you’re about to remove.