Working with Bookmarks in Extended Mode (Bookmarks Ribbon)

You can make Librera display your bookmarks on screen at all times while reading a book. They will be shown across the top of the screen in a so-called Bookmarks Ribbon. This extended bookmark mode should come in handy when you need to add new bookmarks or switch between them in a flash. We expect this cool feature be in high demand with musicians, while running the app in Musician’s Mode. So, it comes with the Ribbon enabled in this mode by default.

To enable it in the other modes:


Operations with the Bookmarks Ribbon are illustrated in Book mode. It all works the same for all three modes.

If you no longer need the Bookmark Ribbon, you can disable it by unchecking the respective box in the Status bar tab.


Adding Bookmarks

The bookmark floater in the upper right corner indicates that you’re currently in Bookmarks Ribbon mode.


Your new bookmark will appear in the Bookmarks window, and at the same time you will see it in the Bookmarks Ribbon on top. Now, in order to go back to this bookmark, you just need to tap on it in the Ribbon.

Note: A long-press on a bookmark in the Ribbon will open an edit window.

  • Save your editing results by tapping SAVE
  • Or you can delete the bookmark by tapping DELETE

The Ribbon will become a full-blown ribbon across your screen when you have many bookmarks. You can navigate through them by finger swipes.


Adding Quick Bookmarks


You can bypass some operations when adding or deleting bookmarks by using the Bookmarks Ribbon: