Syncing Your Reading Setup Across Multiple Devices

Librera is equipped with a syncing tool that should come in handy in cases when users own more than one Android device and tend to alternate between them (even sporadically). Using this tool, you will be able to sync Librera’s profiles, reading progress, bookmarks, and your reading settings.

For the convenience of most of our users, we have chosen Google Drive as Librera’s synchronization hub.

To ensure proper synchronization, your other devices must be logged into the same account.


Synchronization Options


Note: Google Drive has been chosen for its convenience. Google accounts are free and available to anyone. If, for whatever reason, you prefer any other cloud solution, go ahead and use it.

Syncing via Third-Party Apps

The reasons behind your partiality to a third-party synchronization application may vary. Although we are constantly working on fine-tuning and improving your experience with syncing via Google Drive, we do admit that it’s still work-in-progress. It still operates in experimental mode and, mind you, can drop off on you all of a sudden.
Moreover, you can encounter the famous Google Drive Access Denial, which is totally not Librera’s fault, but rather occurs due to peculiarities of your device’s configuration. (You can glean more info on the issue from the Internet, easily.)

If you do heed our work-in-progress warning and believe a third-party syncing app to be more robust (or you just don’t trust Google), make sure your app:

  1. Supports realtime syncing
  2. Keeps synced directories locally (NB! 0fficial Dropbox app, for instance, does NONE of those!)

If both of the two prerequisites hold:

(In the illustrated example below, we have:


To ensure a seamless syncing experience, it goes without saying, obviously, that you should have the same setup across all of your Android devices.

P.S. As for the books downloaded from online resources, you can store them in folders synced via a third-party app and add those folders to Librera’s Library.