Syncing Your Reading Setup Across Multiple Devices

Librera is equipped with a syncing tool that should come in handy in cases when users own more than one Android device and tend to alternate between them (even sporadically). Using this tool, you will be able to sync Librera’s profiles, reading progress, bookmarks, and your reading settings.

For the convenience of most of our users, we have chosen Google Drive as Librera’s synchronization hub.

To ensure proper synchronization, your other devices must be logged into the same account.


Synchronization Options


Note: Google Drive has been chosen for its convenience. Google accounts are free and available to anyone. If, for whatever reason, you prefer any other cloud solution, go ahead and use it:

You just need to sync the Librera folder (which is in your internal storage) with your cloud. Voilà!

P.S. As for the books downloaded from online resources, you can store them in folders synced via a third-party app and add those folders to Librera’s Library.